Pro Skydiver, Cinematographer, Photographer, Skysurfer,
Stuntman, Film & TV Director / Producer

Age: 49

Years in skydiving: 49

Year of first jump: 1989

Years jumping: 35

Total jumps: 17100+

Ratings: Tandem-I, AFF-I, Pro, S&TA


1997 US Bronze Medalist Open of

1998 US National Vice-Champion of

1999 X-Games ESPN Ranked 5th
on world rankings.

A husband, a father, a human, a life lover, a friend, a dreamer, a filmmaker, a student of light, a teacher, an inventor, and a passionate professional – Vassilev is the definition of “Dreams do come true”!

Arriving in the USA at the age of 16 without a word of English with only $400 in his pocket, the few things that kept Vassilev going are his dreams, charming personality, and never-ending energy!

After decades of dedication to excellence, no compromise and extremely hard work, today, without a doubt, Vassilev is living his dreams.

Sammy’s colorful background, life and skydiving career started behind “The Iron Curtain” days in then Communist Bulgaria and against all odds stacked against Vassilev, all his sacrifices and hard work, led to a very successful Skydiving Career, Hollywood film career, and Professional photography career, and, of-course, everything in-between.

2nd Generation skydiver, Vassilev was conceived, born, and raised on a Drop Zone, and according to his World Champion mother, who made 277 jumps while pregnant, Sammy was D-License (Master) qualified before he was born.

Vassilev made his 1st solo jump at the age of 15 and the rest is history.  35 + years
later he is still as passionate about skydiving as he was on his 1st jump.  From freefall cinematography to competition skysurfing, demonstration jumps with the Flying Elvi team, wingsuit designing & building, and teaching skydiving, Vassilev’s skydiving resume is extremely long.  Today, Sammy Vassilev is one of the most passionate, accomplished, and successful professional skydivers globally.

To add to his achievements is Skydive The Strip℠!  The impossible which became a reality!  A dream which started with a beverage overlooking the Las Vegas Strip.  6+ years in the works and 100s of “No’s”, today, Vassilev along with his partner Jim Dolan is one of the only 2 Tandem Instructors in the world allowed to perform tandem skydiving after sunset.