Skydiving Cinematographer and Aerial Stunt Coordinator – SAG US Parachute Association D License and Professional Exhibition Rating

Resume highlights include:

  • 4 times World Champion camera flyer
  • XGames gold medalist
  • 2 times Emmy Award Winner,
  • 1 time Clio Winner

Commercials, TV shows, and movies including: Charlie’s Angels, Air Force One, Triple XXX ,  San Andreas, and Point Break.

Joe Jennings is a skydiving stunt coordinator and free fall cinematographer in Los Angeles California.

He started skydiving in 1983 and his career as a cinematographer began in 1995 when he and his skysurfing partner, Rob Harris, won two world championship titles and first place at the ESPN Xtreme Games.

As a competition camera flyer, Joe obsessed over framing, stability, and three dimensional flight, and he trained until these skills became part of his natural muscle memory.

As a skydiving cinematographer he learned to focus on storytelling and on capturing the director’s vision, and that’s what motivates him today.

On every production, Joe wants the shot as much or more than anyone on set, and getting the shot is his greatest reward.

Demo reel here: