Pro Skydiver, Physical Education Teacher, Demonstration Jumper

Age: 55

Years in Skydiving; 33

Year of First Jump: 1990

Bachelors Degree in Physical Education 1992

Started my career in Skydiving: 1996

PRO Rated Demo Jumper: 1997

Tandem Instructor since: 1998

Masters Degree in Educational Administration: 2001

Appointed Safety & Training Advisor for the USPA : 2008

Achievements in the Sport:

Nevada State Skydiving formation records: 2000, 2003, 2009

Over 250 Demonstration jumps in 35 different states

Over 6000 tandem students

Amassed over 7,600 + total jumps

Husband and father of two boys in college. Dolan’s path was forever changed when he saw a flyer on the wall in college at East Stroudsburg University. “wanna jump out of an airplane” Sure he said, and on July 1st 1990 he made his first jump in Hazleton PA.


He moved to Las Vegas in 1996 and met Joe Herbst who was just learning how to skydive and decided to go join him, and the rest is history.  After only a little less than 2 years in the sport and 300 jumps he did his first demonstration jump into his elementary school.  He then started jumping into different events, as a “Liberace” Penguin, and then joined the Flying Elvis Skydive Team.

In 1998 Dolan started doing tandem Instruction on the weekends and summertime when he wasn’t teaching school.  While doing tandems on the weekends at several different drop zones he kept doing exhibition jumps all around the country with several different teams.  After jumping into his high school alma mater Wilson Area High School in PA a reporter quoted Dolan “I can be a principal, but I prefer skydiving, it’s much more fun”

The feeling you can give someone on a tandem along with the feeling it gives you is a moment that will last forever.  It truly changes people and you will forever look in the sky knowing now….why birds sing.

The relationship with Sammy Vassilev has lasted over 25 years, paths crossing every few years and when he came to  Dolan with his idea of Skydive the Strip, he knew right away that his two passions of tandem skydiving and exhibition jumping would be combined to a match made “Over the Lights of Las Vegas”